The design for the Strap Bench was inspired by multiple mid-century modern designers including Jens Risom, Ralph Rapson, and Alvar Aalto. After World War II there were warehouses full of surplus cotton webbing and parachute cords waiting for new uses. Picking up on the material’s strength, flexibility, and comfort these designers recycled it into beautiful lounge chairs. Help Desk paris the durable webbing with East African hardwoods making the Strap Bench a stunning piece for almost any room in the house. The hardwood legs have a custom designed hinge so the bench can fold flat. The wood species and webbing color can be mixed and matched.



The sides meet with a hand-cut finger joint.








IMG_7871_2Frame: Golden Mvule hardwood

Webbing: Black cotton with nylon core.







IMG_7880_2Frame: Natural Lufugo hardwood

Webbing: Yellow cotton with nylon core.






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