This chair violates copyright laws. It takes almost all of its form from Jens Risom’s 1943 Side Chair manufactured by Knoll. We built Red Chair No.1 as a way to introduce Ugandan carpenters to the beautiful simplicity of mid-century Danish Modern styles. And it was well received. Ugandan carpenters tend to use traditional styling and the carpenters who built this chair learned they could use their same skills and techniques to make different designs.


img_9715The frame is made of mvule (pronounced muh-voo-lee) hardwood that was reclaimed from the roof trusses of a renovated theater in Jinja. Old-growth mvule has a deep coffee color while new-growth mvule is more golden in tone. The red nylon webbing was purchased in a back alley shop in Kampala.


The other purpose for building this chair was to show the world that Ugandans have the chops to make internationally appealing pieces of furniture. It’s not for sale. Just for show.


Designed in Denmark. Built in Africa. Don’t tell the cops.